Weak. This is a correct word. Too many things comes at one time.. Now everything seems clear and much more realistic to be done. First with my car, second with kak ila’s car, the one that i drove and used for a week and …

Last weekend pulak my mum wasn’t feeling well enough the day Pak Ngah Nordin came to our house. Lucky me, i’d just arrived home at almost noon, pegi pasar. Hmm start cooking a simple dishes for Pak Ngah’s and family. Kesian mak demam pulak. Fidah is helping me, after 1 hour, we’re at our lunch plate. Alhamdulillah.

On Monday i went to my office with kak ila’s car. Supposedly, my car shud be repaired and done by tomorrow, However, i received sms from the service personnel, that they are unable to finish it by Tuesday. Testing pun belum. So they promised that my car will be done on the next day. On Wednesday pulak, they’ve found another problem. Something to do with the radiator and thermostat. The car’s temperature is not so good. They called me and told me that, probably on Thursday evening the car shud be OK, because they need to send my car to the radiator specialist and etc etc…

For Monday and Tuesday, i went to my campus as usual. Pakai kereta kak ila. This week is my last week before a sem break. Heheh.. syiok.. Rasa releks skit. Hmm I feel so good at last :D.

Tiba2 on Wednesday.. after i finished my class, kereta kak ila pulak tak boleh start. Time is 10pm. Engine tak boleh start langsung. owh owhh.. Worried giler, dah la pakai kereta orang. I’d called kak ila and informed. Purposely, kak ila did not informed Mak and Abah at that time, She worried that mak and Abah will be shocked. Aku, at my campus, tried to find any friend with a jumper. All i can think now is a jumper. Aku randomly pick one guy and ask him for a jumper… Thank god, dia ada.. but unfortunately, kereta kak ila masih tak boleh start. Lucky me ada few of my classmate tunggu aku, Su, Zack and Zul. The guy that i borrowed the jumper is from another class, he is a master student from Info mgmt course. His name is Ibrahim. He offered to drove me sampai Carrefour Subang. Thank You so much. Aku pun masa tu, tak mahu susahkan Suhaili, because, she is not familiar with the road to my house nor nearest area. Zul and Zack pulak naik motor.

So Ibrahim tumpangkan aku sampai Subang Carrefour, he insist to send me sampai sunway piramid, tapi aku kata, kakak aku akan ambik bila aku dekat carrefour. very thanks i said. Sampai dekat bus stop, the clock is already 1030pm. What am i suppose to do? Kak ila and fidah is on the way to CarredFour Subang, i’d called the service guy, nazri, he advised me to call 1 800 88 5555, it’s a toll free for perodua service. FOC. Aku called. At the same time Abah and kak ila call, line was cut off, terpaksa aku call lagi, Susah betul aku nak dapatkan line, after my third try baru dapat. Orang yang menjawap tuh, macam mengantuk pulak. Tapi aku tak peduli, layan aje. Bila aku tanya dia buat tak tahu aje.. Mungkin penat bekerja dari pagi sampai malam. Rasanya ada 30 minutes aku menunggu, kak ila and fidah arrived and i’d drove fidah’s car to UiTM Puncak Perdana. The towing guy called. i was on my way to Uitm, about 5 minutes away. I asked him to wait.

Bila aku sampai, I’d go straight to the guard house, leave my student card and go into the campus. Susah betul guard tuh, memang perangai guard. Orang approached buat BODO je.. Hmm i guess that is the criteria to be a guard or keeper. Dah sampai dekat kereta, aku suruh the tow guy to try again to use the jumper. Dalam kereta fidah ada jumper. Battery truck tuh pun besar, but still failed to start the engine. Akhirnya kereta kak ila kena ditarik jugak. kami follow belakang until Perodua Glenmarie. Bila everything settled, aku drove ke kedai minyak berhampiran. The clock is already 1am. kami sampai rumah, exhausted giler.. especially aku. Dari pagi hingga ke pagi. What happened to me.. apa yang aku buat sampai allah duga aku macam tuh? Anyway, Itu cubaan and dugaan untuk aku.. lucky me, i have people who cares for me. thanks to all. Sampai rumah aku bersihkan diri, solat and slept @0200….