Hehehehe.. suddenly this has freshen my memory about the 6 degrees of separation. Heheh Believe it or not, aku dah try buat dengan my team leader and my boss Nuar dekat office hehe.. menjadi.. Even, Boss Nuar connected to President Bush just by 3 or 4 separator.. Hahaha so very the kelakar when we drawn the separator chart. This theory actually tells us that everybody in this world are separated by only 6 other person. hmm faham tak ayat nih. ? tak faham pun buat2 lah faham ye. 😀 . Try it, probably you will be connected to somebody VVIP or perhaps The King.

Hehe curently am enjoying my favorite song from the Ally McBeal series. Searching my Soul. Hmm rite now, my job is browse here and there. My current favourite web, is definitely the Facebook, go thru all my friends’ updates, browsing a so call friends-to-be, groups in facebook and many more.. tak puas rasanya… Ikutkan hati, i just dont want to fall asleep. Sambil2 tuh menjengah to Budiey.com , heheh macam-macam gossip dalam web nih, i think the news also are so god damn fresh, coz i dont even know and heard about it publicly.. Terror kawan aku carik bahan.. good job dude..

Alamak mata tak mengantuk lagi… hmm i’m on half day leave today, tapi nap just for 30 minutes aje.. my eyes feeling a bit stressed and drying… tolong aku nak pejamkan mata nih…

Do i need a sleeping pill? unfortunately.. i dont have one. 😦

Hm i dont even have my own lullaby… yet. Hehe ngada-ngada