There is so many stories in my life right now. I just don’t know which one shud i keep and which one shud i let go, for a good sake. Pening.

Congrats to kak ila, sebab telah sahih kerana mengandung. Her first baby @ 37 years old. Hopefully semua ok. And thank god, dapat doctor specialist yang bagus dekat SJMC tuh. Doctor Siti. Memang sering kali ingatkan kak ila untuk dapatkan doctor tuh, walaupun patients nyer ramai mana. Alhamdulillah.

One of my office mate, has won a grand prize, in the SMS contest Public Bank. Congrats Bee!!!.. dapat kereta free. Kia Sorento. Ok la tuh, saper nak bagi kereta free kan? Hmm if i’m not mistaken, the actually prize is RM170k. syiokk nyer dapat hadiah free free macam ni.

Will continue later…. so bz.