Aku tak sempat nak tulis blog nih semalam. Sibuk sangat, sampai rumah, mandi, makan and tengok tv. Citer Natasha. Mm mak aku dok marah pasal citernya sikit sangat, tapi iklan dia panjang ya rabbi. Ya rite.. banyak sangat iklannya, aku rasa ada la dalam 30 minit je citernyer. Apsal la si TV3 nih desparate sangat nak letak iklan kat tv dorang. Kurangkan skit boleh tak. Sama la jugak jadinyer kat citer .. alahai apa ke tajuknya, haa Dalam hati ada cinta, memang citertuh ada jugak dekat Astro, tapi kalau tayang kat TV3, skit punyer la banyak iklan, Citer yang 30 minit plannya jadi 15 minit je view, 15 minit lagi iklan. Last-last, aku yang tengok 1 dua episode takder hati langsung nak tengok, sampai la season 4 ke 5 sekarang. Kat Astro punyer pun aku tak tengok langsung.

Aku keluar office dalam jam630pm, nak train and LRT. Sesampai je kat Komuter station, ada sorang perempuan india nih dok tanyer aku train lambat ke, aku reply, mm maybe delayed. it was raining that evening. Cantik sangat scenery from up here. Nampak kabus lepas hujan kat nun di hujung bukit , bukit apa aku tak sure, but very nice. Alam rasa tenang and damai sangat. Sayang aku tak der camera di tangan. Nasib baik dari tempat kerja aku ke LRT station tak basah and tak kena hujan. Kalau nak kena hujan pun from the Subang Jaya Komuter station ke kereta aku. hehehe. Aku park kete kat subang Jaya station hari nih. Pasal menghantar kak ila yang masuk keje kul 7am. Husband nya keje malam, so dia bermalam kat rumah aku.

Dalam train dari Kl Sentral, aku bersembang dengan one lady. She is 47 years old, indian, and a single mother of 4 sons. She has a triplet sons and all grown up and now they are 24 years old. But honestly, she look so young at her 47 years old. mm she told me about her boys and her future-ideal-daughters-in-law and about her mum-in-law. heheh Now that i know, all Mother-in-law-to-be, like and dream of a good lady. hehe So as my mum, and i believed all mum in this world.

Ok.. Let’s say Husband/Son = s ; Younglady/Wife = w ; and Mum/Boy’s mum = m.

Ok the scenario is >> s, w and m are living together. By history, as m notice and everybody noticed that, w is a good wife to her s. But after few months, something happened and conflict occurred. who to be blamed ?

Can u just imagine, how 2 women, which is m and s , love/care one man, aka s. Woman are made to be sensitive, sometime can be soo sensitive, plus emotional. the unique feel that allah gave to us. With these two women, different background, diff opinion, conflict can occur at anytime. I believed this, no matter how nice and sweet that lady. the m can (at any time) misunderstood the w, and vice versa. Give and take would be best for a temporary solution. If only the w have enough respect and always bare in mind that ” oo she’s an old lady and let her be like that”, i’m the one who suppose to be more flexible, coz i’m young. ” Do u thing that all young lady can understand this statement ? heheh . It has to be a long journey for her to understand this, i guess. if only she’s willing to learn and to share her feeling with m. Does m really cared? mm that’s all depends on how w brilliantly tackle her (m) and made her understand and give w way to love and care her s. heheh

For me, personally, it is very complicated relationship. But once u understand the roles between w and m, then only u can cope with the relationship. The best case scenario is to be apart from ur m, otherwise u have to be very patient and learn/study a lot about ur new neighbour, which is your mum-in-law.hahaha. For a lady, it’s so good if u had a very very strong and good relations with ur mum-in-law. The worst case scenario, the w , probably will never face her m by herself. hahahaha walla.. masa tuh mmg saper2 pun dah tak boleh tolong kot. hehe Mintak-mintak aku tak mau macam tuh. susah hidup aku nanti . Aku mau “kamcin” dengan my future-mother-in-law. hehehe. baru aku selamat kot.

All these things, sometime make me wanna choose a guy without mum or dad. hehe yatim piatu la.. mm maybe they will respect my mum and dad more, or worse, langsung tak tahu hormat orang tua.. hmm pun tak boleh jugak..

mmm what a nice chat i had with that woman, Ms Shanti.. nice talking to u…

Whatever it is, i think the s, must be very clever to play his roles, dont mess up with ur responsibilities to ur m and w. Good luck to all.