Bengang. But what can i do, i am just the kuli. I received mails, regarding all request(s) that i’ve done. As usual, the December 2005, brought me to so many nightmares. Everyday, problem are everywhere, and not forgotten the office network, Netware servers, HUB01 and MyGeniie.

I have again replied the mail to the Mygeniie team, and explain again and again the problem that we faced. But they wont take any single notes to our concerned. I am so regret. They are runnig huge application and servers worldwide, but yet they dont keep track on the servers/application failure. I think they shud have atleast an automatic generated mail, that will send to servers/user, if there is any failure on the server side. Musykil aku dengan dorang nih. Last sekali, my team leader on Network Operation Division, suggested something, that look like possible to be implemented, but need so many risk, time and testing. Hopefully lepas nih geniie tak der problem lagi.

Plus, i need to list down the properties that needed in order to build/create this new requirement. And until now i am so lazy to continue with the mail, coz just now, i’ve just checked about 70 request on Transfer, that they claimed, has exceeded its SLA. Whatt da heck.. la dorang nih. Sakit mata aku. Pedih.. Tak habis-habis, kena bagi report.

Bila la sumer nih nak habis.. boleh ke aku balik ke HQ? Aku nak ke kerja kat HQ?, and what will i do. I have more interest in networking, tapi aku tak sure dorang nak ambik and ajar aku atau tidak. I wish that they cud. AKu tak mau buat benda yang sama, tak berkembang. Atau aku nak perubahan yang drastic. ? mmm if i cud la..