Happy new Year!!.., It’s Wednesday, the second working day of year 2006. Office, the workload, seems has faded away from the desk. Am out and home at almost 6pm everyday, It’s good enough for me. mm But that is becoz, the HUB01 down @6pm this evening. Well, i’m packing and walked away.

Thought about to stop at Kunikuniya KLCC, tapi macam malas. Hello… its on forth floor, and i am at da Ground Floor. Ya Allah, rasa macam jauh sangat. At KL Central, i stopped by the factory outlet sales, BUM, HUSH PUPPIES and etc. Thinking about buying a yoga pants, mm so lazy to go to ATM machine, once i heard that commuter train to Pelabuhan Klang was about to be arrived, i run down to the platform. Hah.. let the mad sales end and left all behind, i got something else to buy, which is more needed than a yoga pants.

A friend, sms me, and asked me about her willingness to wear tudung (hijab), i said, wear it, if u feel that u need to wear it, dont care about what people says, and do whatever that u feel right and u like to do, as long as it’s still on the right path. How u know that u’re on the right path ? Ask yourself, if you donno, pray and pray. Insya Allah, HE will show you the right path.

Well, azam baru, she did ask me, and i replied, I WANT FIT, HEALTHY, BEAUTY AND FEEL YOUNGER THAN NEVER BEFORE. hah..macam tua sangat rasanya tadi. Well… aku baru menjengah usia 26 tahun, tiba-tiba masuk 2006, this year aku akan BERTUKAR.. jadi 27… aarrghh tensi sekejap. That was my overall, or conclusion to my wish. hahaha

I’ve been asked to prepared a report for the colleagues evalution, oo my, aku nak evaluate orang, aku sniri pun rasa macam tak percaya, Boleh ke aku jadi adil, or may i produce a good report, yang tak bias. Susah la, i am lack of sources. Hope that shahila can help me regarding this matter. Rosli want it on this friday morning. ooMyy..