<“Satu Malaya dah tahu” aku dah beli VCD CT @RAH, Alhamdulillah rezeki aku nak tengok the most memorable memories i’ve ever had in my life, perhaps. The most unforgettable night. Where i meet CT for the first time in my life, she is soo.. god dammit adorable. She’s sweet, gifted and talented. What else…. hehehe

Rezeki Allah nak bagi, kita tak tahu, and i was the chosen one to be able to watch her performance LIVE @Royal Albert Hall, LONDON. Mmm that was back on April 1, 2005.

Well, the memory goes by, life as usual work, work and works non stop. I’ve seen i’m stuck with workloads that sometimes i need a break and re-think to schedule again my life. Here i am, the same situation, arrrghh need to come to work and finish whatever left in my pending list. Otherwise, wa mati maa.

There are few people asked me about ” Does Ct really wants to settle down”? waa i feel like i’m her bodyguard lahh.. boleh tak dorang tanya orang lain. I’m not paid to answer such question. But rumors are spreading wildly. Some say she will be marrying Dato’ K, Who the hell is Dato’ K nih, which i also donno. I believed, if i’m at ct’s place it is difficult to have or build a good relationship. She’s a well-known person, everybody wants to know with whom she’s dating out and whom she’s admired. Tension jangan cakaplah, from the start she never ever have her normal life, once she decided to be a singer. About meeting new people, there are a lot of people she meet but all because of one reason, bcoz she is the good singer, she is this and she is that.. The list will go on. The only people that have biggest possibilities to be her future husband or whatever, are people around her life/her business and singing life. People from outside, the closest they can get through is from the online participation, letters and secret admired out there (beribu-ribu orang suka kat dia – bagus org suka kat kita sebab sorang-sorang doakan kebahagian/kesejahteraan utk kita, 40 orang ajer dah bleh jadi kenyataan – insya allah), but do not expect more, that’s the most impossible thing, but sometime it’s happen with Allah Wills. So, pasal siapa CT nak pilih, atau what kind/type of man yang dia suka, she is just a normal human being, ada hati, perasaan, dan hak untuk memilih. Jangan kata, ” ooh that guy is too old for you ct ” or ” He’s not macho CT” and bla bla bla, kalau dah jodoh memang tak boleh nak cakap apa. And once again, her interaction/communications with people are limited, kalau ada pun business partners, artists/crews and family members. So i might say, could be she has fallen in luv with one of the list above.. (business partners/artists/family members/crews) heheh(pandai2 je aku nih). Apapun serahkan tugas ini pada yang Esa, bermohon, insya Allah jalan yang akan kita lalui akan clear macam kristal. Whoever yang CT pilih semoga dia bahagia and happy.

p/s: I’m always happy whenever people around me are happy. Cukup takut atau ketaq lutut kalau orang tinggi suara dan panas baran.. Mintak dijauhkan amin.. Bye nak sambung keje. Adios. Charlos..