Actually this blog have been inspired by my friends. i’ve been planning to build my own since mid 2004, now here i am. thanks friends. Mmm btw, as far as i know, i didn’t tell my friends yet about this blog.. hehehe naya kena gelak rasanya.


There are two people that i constantly browsed to their blog and the spirits in writing has influence me through this a lot. Readers, you may browse to my friends blog, which is good for reading and u can might get extra info from them, they are rini and din . Thanks people..


Nak habaq mai lagi satu, semalam ku turun office konon nak carik VCD CT @RAH, boleh tak salesgirl tuh kata the VCD dah sold OUT. For less than 5 hours the salesgirl claimed that the VCD have been succesfully sold to those people around tha KLCC area… :(( sungguh-sungguh sedih. Ada gak suruh kakak angkat ku beli dekat Carrefour Subang jaya, but ZERO.. konon tak sampai lagi stok.. hampess.