Bulan Puasa, is a good month for me and my tummy. Image  A month ago, i’ve been trying to reduce my weight from a very very heavy AKA anak gajah to anak lembu.. Anak gajah and anak lembu yg mana lebih ringan.. hehehe and alhamdulillah the progress has shown good result. Ive lost about 9.5 kg so far(ni dah lebih seminggu tak timbang) i’m quite worried but still able to maintain my eating habits.

Tak macam dulu lagi..  kalau berbuka from pukul 7.05pm sampai magrib nak habis.. I did thought about it after the berbuka today, i was like.. beruang yg tak makan setahun Image.   Sekarang Alhamdulillah dah lebih sebulan tak makan nasi and benda2 yang berlemak. Nowadays my lunch, breakfast and dinner is all about salads, TUNA, juice, wholemeal/multi grain bread… Yang satu lagi is GYM, sampai hari nih still tak boleh nak spend masa pergi gym. My friends did invite and remind me about the visit to the nearest gym, but i’m stuck with the works, works and works. Most probably, Insya Allah after raya.. hahaha. tangguh lagi.

REMINDER : Bertangguh adalah satu sifat yang cukupppp TAK elok..